The world is full of the beauty of the Creator.  Artist have been capturing it since the days of caves. I want to capture as much of that beauty as I can with camera, brush or words to share with those traveling this journey called life.

I now almost always carry my camera, there were too many times I wished I had it in hand when a picture presented itself.  So often I have heard others exclaim the same thing, “I wish I had my camera!” 

Every moment does not need to be captured, sometimes we need to be in the moment, to touch, feel and savor it.  All other times are open season and worth capturing to share with all those who missed it.

“You can be in the right place at the right time, but if you don’t have your camera, it doesn’t count.”  Ron Davidson

I was 13 when I received a 110 Instamatic camera for Christmas. I fell in love with photography from that day forward.  In college I had a roommate that introduced me to the 35mm SLR camera. Now I was addicted.   

 If ever I run away from home it will be to Arizona.

If ever I run away from home it will be to Arizona.

"I am this mans biggest fan and critic. He has a God-given talent and eye for art and beauty. His work is amazing."
                          Sara Davidson     

In high school I was introduced to creative writing.  My vivid imagination could now create in a way I could share it. The problem was all the other aspects of the English language I had not mastered. Spelling and grammar seemed to be insurmountable walls to overcome.  In 2000 it dawned on me that the PC I was working on could help overcome the deficient.  I begin to write again.

Now the two passions have begun to come together in one creative form.  Sometimes the image inspires the poem, sometimes the poem inspires the image, either way the final piece is out there to be ignored or enjoyed as the individual sees fit.

 I love shooting images that tell a story, give the heart a moment of pause or pulls the mind into thought.  I say “images” often because the photographs I shoot may or may not look like the original. Often I will manipulate the images until I see something I like. I do not limit my work to what I see in the viewfinder, clicking the shutter is just the first step.

“The beauties of this world whisper to our souls that there is someone ultimate. But the ultimate is never found in the wonderland of creation. We keep looking and longing for the beauty behind the beauty, the One who will satisfy the cravings of our soul."  Steve DeWitt

My hope is that the Creator is evident in my work and that each person can find something that lets them know they are not on this journey alone.  I long to share the Hope that is within me with all I meet along the way.

                                                                                                                                              Ron Davidson